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You Can, I Can, We All Can Switch Our Icon

April 6, 2007

OS X has a beautiful interface. Every volume, application, file, and folder on your Mac is represented by an icon. The default icons look great at any size. While uniformity can be good, it is nice to sometimes have the ability to customize; make your computer your own. One way to do this is to change the icons.

There is a manual way to change an icon. See this helpful Apple website for directions: Lesson 6: Change My Icons. There is also a program that simplifies the process, its called Micon.

Micon is a FREE program that gives you Drag & Drop simplicity for changing icons. It doesn’t supply you with the icons, but the icons can be gotton from other places for free also.
Micon Website
Micon Website


Make Everything “UNO”form.

March 26, 2007

One thing that is missing from OS X is an easy way to change the general looks of applications. Windows offers a built-in theme switcher; you can change the looks of your programs with the clicks of a mouse. In OS X there is a Appearance System Preference, but when you make a change there the results are not universeral. There is a Free program that can help change the way programs look, it is called UNO.

UNO is a theme that brings the sunken unified toolbar/titlebar look & feel to every single window on your system (cocoa or carbon, metal or aqua and already unified windows as well). On an higher level, UNO’s main goal is to enhance aqua interface consistence, by making all elements look&feel “as one”. UNO is aimed to those who want a clean and un-osbstructive interface while keeping the best of Aqua.

UNO Website
UNO Website

Does Your Mac Need a Make-Over?

March 12, 2007

Bored and tired of the looks of you Mac’s Desktop. How about some new wallpaper or icons….for FREE!

InterfaceLIFT is a source for graphical user interface enhancements for Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, and Linux. They specialize in desktop wallpaper, icons, themes, and news with a focus on community. New content is posted virtually every day so make sure to bookmark them and go back often.

Interfacelift logo
InterfaceLift Website